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Marybeth Chew: Artist

Marybeth Chew

  Marybeth Chew lives in the art rich city of Philadelphia. A regular at the Satellite Cafe on 50th and Baltimore where she can be found noshing on a “vegan bike shop bagel”, and a kale smoothie and also where…

Bibliophiles or Why We Provide Print Versions

Our writers and readers are logophiles–lovers of words. But many of our readers are also bibliophiles–lovers of books. Many believe the two words mean the same thing. They do not. For a bibliophile, the words are only a part of the obsession whereas one who considers themselves a lover of reading or of words will be satisfied whether the writing is on paper or on a screen. For a bibliophile, the love is not only in the reading, but in the experience of the book.

New work from A.M. Metivier

A.M. Metivier

The upcoming release of The Mourning Wound and the release of Mrs. Shushman Says Goodbye has been rescheduled for May 2014. A.M. Metivier discusses her book The Mourning Wound and her series The Changeling Chronicles.

Welcome to Flickerlamp!

Flickerlamp Publishing announces its current releases: “Ashes to Ashes, Oranges to Oranges” by Eric Henderson and illustrated by Marybeth Chew, and “Mrs. Shushman Says Goodbye…” by AM Metivier.