Bibliophiles or Why We Provide Print Versions

Bibliophiles Angelic Woman ReadingOur writers and readers are logophiles–lovers of words. But many of our readers are also bibliophiles–lovers of books. Many believe the two words mean the same thing. They do not. For a bibliophile, the words are only a part of the obsession whereas one who considers themselves a lover of reading or of words will be satisfied whether the writing is on paper or on a screen. For a bibliophile, the love is not only in the reading, but in the experience of the book.

For a bibliophile, a bookstore is akin to paradise. A hardbound book with its aroma of cotton, paper and glue creates longing in the heart. The odor of a used book is like experiencing a wonderful dream half forgotten with its fragrances of incense and lemon polish. Even the fresh off the presses smell of a paperback can create olfactory bliss. But the bibliophile does more than just read and smell books. The feel of a book’s pages and the delicate touch required for those who refuse to “crack the spine” stimulates in a way that sliding a finger across a screen cannot. Bibliophiles proclaim their love of the serif fonts directing the motion of their eyes across the page, or rhapsodize about the sound of various papers as the pages are turned. To a bibliophile, story matters and so do words, but the book itself is something to be experienced.

We understand this.

There are many who speak of the end of the printed book. We firmly believe that those who expound about the demise of the industry do not know the joy of opening a book of Bibliophiles Old-Time Readerpoetry to find an inscription dated from the 1800s upon its flyleaf, or the need to hold on to the first book that stirred one’s heart many years ago. But it is not an all or nothing proposition anymore. Despite the rapid rise of the e-book, bibliophiles endure and new bibliophiles are being born every day. At Flickerlamp Publishing, we respect those who are embracing technology. In fact, we hope these people buy our e-book versions! However, we also understand and respect the bibliophiles. We want them to experience the work that our writers and artists work so hard to create, too. Therefore, we are committed to offering print versions of all of our books.

Eric Henderson’s book Ashes to Ashes, Oranges to Oranges has recently come back from print production. The print version is a 5.5″x8.5″ trade paperback with black and white interior pages that include illustrations by Marybeth Chew and a full-color laminated cover. Our first edition will be available on Amazon for only $5.99 and qualifies for their shipping including “Eligible for FREE” and “Prime.” This lower price is a print version special, and will only apply to the limited number of first editions we have in stock. When the next editions are released, they will be sold for $7.99 each. If you would like to have a notice sent as soon as the print version is available (ETA is April/May 2014), sign up for Eric Henderson’s newsletter.

A.M. Metivier’s book Mrs. Shushman Says Goodbye is available as an 8.5″x11″ full-color book for $10 on MagCloud. This print version has been created to be a “collector’s edition” quality literary magazine with FSC-certified and acid-free paper that is both a pleasure to read and also worthy of placement upon a bookshelf to enjoy again and again. The purchase of her print book also includes a free full-color pdf.

So whether your love affair with books includes e-books or print books, Flickerlamp Publishing will provide.

Happy reading!