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A.M. Metivier’s previous publication Mrs. Shushman Says Goodbye which includes the award-winning short The Date was scheduled to have its release on multiple platforms in February. However, after much consideration, Flickerlamp Publishing is postponing the multiple-market release of Mrs. Shushman until the release of A.M. Metivier’s second book, The Mourning Wound.

The Mourning Wound is a collection of shorter works taking place in the universe of A.M. Metivier’s series The Changeling Chronicles. This novel length collection includes fantasy stories about characters and incidents taking place before or during the events of the Victorian six-book fantasy series. It is what A.M. Metivier calls “a supplemental.” Flickerlamp wanted to talk to A.M. Metivier about her upcoming release and about her series. Here are some parts of that conversation:

You have a six-book series called The Changeling Chronicles which you have been working on for several years. Your series also has these books you refer to as “supplementals.” Can you tell us some more about the books versus the supplementals?

My universe is one that involves alternate history and parallel universes and mythical creatures and events that are shaped by fifteen thousand years of history. I wanted to write several supplemental shorts and novels that can stand alone, but can also more brightly illuminate the epic story taking place in the series. Not a requirement for understanding, mind you. Just a few more clues for my readers to enjoy.

Do you think the supplementals give too much away?

There are several layers in The Changeling Chronicles that are peeled away with each book. Unlike many hero journeys, this series is about the journeys of multiple heroes and their interactions during a great event in this universe’s history. There will be some readers who read the supplementals and figure out what may be coming up next in the series. Great! I hope that that anticipation encourages them to stick with the story. For many though, I think that the a-ha moments are going to come while they are reading the series. When a character does something a certain way in 1863, many who have read the other books will say, “Oh, that’s because of what happened three-hundred years ago. Or when a particular creature turns up, they may think, “uh oh.”

Will the supplementals be required reading?

No! All of the details to follow the main story in The Changeling Chronicles are in those six books. The supplementals are supposed to be fun extras to give more to the fans and readers. However, a reader does not need to read them to fully appreciate the series.

You are starting with a supplemental and not with Book One. Why is that?

It all started with a Prologue. For whatever reason, publishers just hate prologues nowadays. But for fantasy world building, prologues are often needed. I get it though. Readers like to start in the thick of it, and Book One starts knee deep! But there was this prologue which told about the history of two of our main characters, about their childhood and about why one lives in a world of magic while the other wishes to do everything he can to avoid it. You don’t get that when you are knee deep! Do you have to know this information? No. It gets mentioned several times throughout the series, so someone just reading the series will discover this prologue information in bits and pieces. However, so many of the beta-readers loved the mystery and tragedy of the prologue that I wanted to give it to them anyway. And since it was supposed to be at the beginning of the book, I wanted it to be released first. But then, as stories do, so many bits and pieces of the back story started to emerge as stories of their own. There is the story of a main antagonist which gives a little humanity to a character that seems to do everything he can to hide what makes him human. There is the story of characters who will not really come into their own until books five and six, but whose history explains the motivations of Queen Victoria in protecting Britain from magical creatures. There is the love story which explains the strange infatuation one character has for another despite their differences and despite the other’s supreme indifference. And then, there is The Auction…

The Auction?

This was one of the hardest for me to write. For many reasons. It is a story about a time and a history that is painful in reality and in the fantasy world that is its alternate in my series. The events taking place in it become an issue in Book 2, but really take up all of Book 3. It was a difficult story for me to write for many reasons. It is the shortest of all of the stories in The Mourning Wound, but I think it is one of the most powerful. It has inspired me to write a novel supplemental that I hope will be released before the end of 2014.

Would you mind telling us about the history it describes?

In my series, the American Civil War is still taking place, but it has a far different outcome because of how the Confederate States choose to fight the war. In other words, the North is losing. Badly. The Auction takes place in 1858, before the Southern States secede, but tensions are already brewing. The supplemental novel will take place between 1856 and ending in the 1890s with notes from around 1910… It is hard to tell everything without giving too much away. However, a good way to put it is that in this world, there is no freedom, not even in death.

Speaking of death, is it true that there will be more Death Tales?

Yes! I am glad you asked. There are two Death Tales in the collection Mrs. Shushman Says Goodbye, and I am working on one more Death Tale for a short story collection I hope will be coming out this fall. I finally get to introduce one of my favorite immortals!

Will there be a Death Tales novel in the near future?

Possibly. I don’t like to rule it out. However, I like the short stories for now. We’ll see.

The Mourning Wound will be available in print and on multiple platforms in May. Mrs. Shushman Says Goodbye is currently available on Amazon as an e-book and in print on Magcloud. It will be available on multiple e-book platforms in May.